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Meet Min Edition

Anna Min modeling one of her blouses in the Min Edition lookbook.

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Pitching a Fall 2014 Trend Story

Fall 2014 Color Story: The Pink Persuasion.

This season, pink ditched its sweet reputation for a femme fatale force to be reckoned with.  From the Mission to the Marina, women who had once vowed to never wear the ultra-feminine color are beginning to retract their statements.

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Street Style Game

SinI like to think San Francisco is up-and-coming in regards to being a well dressed city, but I wouldn’t say we’re always the most fashion-forward. So when I spotted Sin in harem pants and a blazer to match, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Luckily, he was not too much in a rush and I was able to capture this style anomaly.  Vivid white sneakers and dapper diamonds in his ears brings this hip suit to the next level.  A guy has to have guts to pull this one off and Sin does it like a champ.

Past Trends

avI have found that one of the best ways to stay ahead of the trends is to take vintage pieces and wear them in a new way. Alex expertly does this in a sweater coat that was once her grandmother’s. Darlingly, it was the first gift her grandfather ever gave her grandmother. She mixes the heirloom in with cuffed black skinnies and a crisp white shirt that takes on a fresh beatnik style. But it is her Karen Walker cat-eyes and laceless oxfords that really slay the look.  



Cool Sport


After receiving a pair of sneakers for Christmas, I am constantly looking for ideas on how to wear them. Yesterday I found my muse in Kristel. Her sheerblocked top and chic accessories are just the touch of luxe to glam up a pair of sneakers. Meanwhile, the leggings take this two-tone outfit onto the bold side. Kristel, who is inspired by Japanese street style magazines, has become street style inspiration in San Francisco.

Mien for Valentine’s Day

IMG_20140214_104322973 (1)

I was at Disneyland for a mini Valentine’s Day getaway when I spotted My-Hang.  There were a million other Minnies at the park that day, but My-Hang caught my eye adorning the illustrious accessory with voluminous, ombré hair. Her strapless jumpsuit provides a delightful balance to the unmistakable, sequined ears. The skinny belt lends the slightest of breaks to a challenging heart print, apt for the celebration.  Thank you My-Hang for letting me chase you down to capture your fetching style. 

My Style, 3 Ways.

I style my outfits based on my mood & my obsessions, but it’s the accessories that define the look.

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